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  • ClamWin Antivirus

    ClamWin is a Free Antivirus program for Microsoft Windows Vista/7/ 8/10 / XP / 98 /2000 and Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012. It gives a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. ClamWin comes with an open source code and easy installer. Besides this ClamWin also offers an excellent ClamWin customer support service to its users.

    If you want to install ClamWin antivirus program in your system and require some manual guidance then the below information will help you a lot. Step by step instructions regarding ClamWin installation and configuration are as follows:

    How to install ClamWin

    • After downloading the software, look for .exe file
    • In order to install ClamWin Antivirus, Double click on that file
    • Now click on Next in the ClamWin Antivirus Setup Wizard
    • Check the License Agreement - if you agree, tick on "I accept and the agreement" and click “Next”
    • Choose "Anyone who uses this computer (all users)" and click “Next”
    • Use the default install location (unless you have reason to do otherwise) and click on Next
    • Choose the extra components that you want to download. The "Integration with Windows Explorer" is suggested, "Download Source Code" is elective and not required for everyday use. Click “Next”
    • Leave the tick mark in place to "Download the Virus Database Files" and also make a tick in "Create a desktop icon", click on “Next”
    • Double check your installation settings and click on “Install”
    • After waiting a few minutes, ClamWin Antivirus will installed on your computer
    • Click on Finish

    How to Configuration ClamWin

    • Start ClamWin Antivirus by either doing a right click on the icon next to your system clock or double clicking on the desktop shortcut
    • Select Open ClamWin
    • Click Tools, then Preferences
    • Select the Internet Updates option in the Preferences window
    • Perform the below changes
    • Make a check ahead of “Enabled Automatic Virus Database Updates”
    • Keep the download site as it is
    • Change the Update Frequency to Daily
    • Enter the time that convenient for you in Specify a Time section.
    • Place a check in front of Update Virus Database On Logon
    • Click the Scheduled Scans button
    • Thereafter click on the Add button to open the scheduler
    • Choose the Scanning Frequency
    • Enter the Time at which you would like to run the scan
    • Choose which Day of the Week you would like to run the scan
    • Click on the box on the right to choose which folder or directory you would like to scan from the Scan Folder
    • In the Description field type a summary or other reference notes and then click OK
    • Click OK in the ClamWin Preferences window

    Reliable support at ClamWin customer service

    If you are unable to follow above instructions and require live assistance then you are recommended to contact with ClamWin customer support department. User can reach ClamWin customer service department through ClamWin customer service helpline number or online chat.

    ClamWin support hours

    The ClamWin customer support is accessible 365*24*7. Users who face any issues related ClamWin can get assistance from experts in between ClamWin customer support hours. You can also share your queries via ClamWin customer support email address. The technicians are dedicated to provide optimal support to their needy users in best possible time.

    Customer Support Number: NA

    Customer Support Email: NA

    Customer Support Link:

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